Aisha Garage is your one-stop shop for auto and car parts and maintenance needs. We sell various products at an affordable price that will keep you coming back for more. We do customization jobs and we are your all around mechanic. We serve 24/7 just for you. We are the right person to call when it comes to your car and bike concern. We share your passion and we are your partners.

repairAuto and Bike Parts

Aisha Garage offers various parts for your rides. From the smallest screws, to mufflers, to all types of light and engines, we have it in our in-house facility for you. We have it in brand new and recycled depending on your budget and what you prefer.

Our recycled car parts are sought all over the country as they are durable and rust-free and will give you a hard time identifying its difference from brand new. They are well-maintained to work as they should be and comes with long-term warranty for your protection. That is how we value the trust you give us. In return, we want to assure you that you only get to have the best.

You don’t need to worry for parts that are hard to find, if we don’t have it, we’ll outsource it for you. Trust us to give only the best as your partners.

Custom Work

Aisha Garage knows that how important it is to make a dream a reality. Thus, we always make it happen to our customers.

You have a specific car or bike in mind? No problem, we’ll guide you throughout the process of building the ride you want. We pay attention to the tiniest details to make it worth your time. We’ll make sure you’re involved in the whole process and we incorporate every little design you want for your rides. We’ll make it fun for you without you shedding any sweat.


Our team of highly-skilled mechanics are well-equipped to handle all car and bike repairs and maintenance. From simple wiring troubles, to fixing dents and repainting your cars, we can handle it. We are efficient and your satisfaction is guaranteed when you avail our service.

Buy and Sell

Replacing your cars? We have all sorts of cars that are well-maintained in our storage for you. We have a large collection for you to choose from. In case you want additional installation, boosters and repainting, we’ll give it to you at the most affordable price. Aisha Garage always makes way to customers concerns and finds a way to solve it in the most convenient way possible.